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11/14/2003: "magazines"

I love old magazines. I have a pretty sizeable collection of old mags and fanzines from the past couple of decades -- once I finally break down and get the money for a scanner (and a working computer) I'll have to give 'em the quadruple-gatefold full-color stereo-surround TWANBOC treatment. I'm of the firm belief that you learn most when researching anything by paying attention to the back pages -- the classifieds, the advertisements, the capsule reviews. Lately I've been unearthing a bunch of mags mostly dating back to the late 70s/early 80s. Loadsa gear mags, music mags, etc. Here's an awesome classified ad from a 1981 musicians' mag:

SKINNY NECKTIES. 100% polyester with a satin finish. Pink, Pink-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky-Blue, Navy-Blue, Beige, Brown, Dark-Brown, Black,White. Send money order for $4.50 each to: Ties, PO Box ---, Pacoima, CA 91331.

And here's one that made me crack up:

DRUMMER WANTED: Avante [sic] Christian art-rock band seeks percussionist with definite Palmer influence. High-tech kit a must. Presently recording Demo at 24 track facility. Send recent photo, kit description, and cassette (any quality). Angel Wind Productions, PO Box ---, Chicago, IL 60680.

'Angel Wind'! 'Definite Palmer influence'! '24 track facility'! Jesus wept!

Here's a bit from a letter to the editor. The year is 1981:

Not so pleasant, however, was the apparent anti-New Wave bias harbored by some of your writers and readers. Will this stupid denunciation of Punk/New Wave ever cease? While this hatred of the new movement among otherwise intelligent people is unfortunate..."

Rock on dude! Nothin' but agreement here (I was 2 years old when this letter to the editor was written, mind) -- it continues:

Most of the hopeless shlock that plagues and hampers New Wave emanates from this side of the Atlantic, and so it is only natural that most of the New Wave-haters reside in America. What sensible person wouldn't dislike punk poseurs such as Blondie and Pat Benatar and the rest of their ilk?

Ooh girl-hating are we? Women can be punk-rock too you know! Asshole!

On the other hand, it's genuinely difficult to imagine what sad state our beloved rock and roll would have fallen into without the kick-in-the-pants impetus of the best of the new music (in my humble opinion the Pistols, Jam, Clash, XTC and Heads). Anyone who thinks New Wave is a musically constricted fad should simply lend an ear to Sandinista, Sound Affects, or Remain in Light.

Alex ---
Collinsville IL

I don't recommend that ANYONE lend an ear to Sandinista! What a worthless album it was (a triple album too wasn't it -- very prog!) Sorry Mr Alex circa 1981 I was with you about the kick-in-the-pants impetus...but your baseless Blondie hatred lost me, man!

More engaging tidbits from old mags (and further one-sided dialogues with ancient letters to editors) to come when I get bored enough to type them out!

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That's a riot you feel compelled to answer a letter written to the editor twenty years ago!!

Nice approach to living music history!

bf said @ 11/15/2003 07:14 PM EST

Sandanista's poo!

Matt said @ 11/14/2003 04:08 PM EST

Oh, Geeta - SANDINISTA 's awesome. Give it another listen!

Jay Vee said @ 11/14/2003 12:42 PM EST

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